How Does Google Actually See You?

How Does Google Actually See You?

Is it time to review your online search visibility and find out how Google, Bing and other search engines are presenting you, and the pages of your website? It might look a lot different than you would like it to!

When you do an online search and then Google lists those first 10 results; well, have you had a really good look at them? Here’s an example.

Did you know that the title and short description are taken directly from the website page; you can provide the information but if you don’t the search engine will make something up on your behalf, and it’s probably not going to work for you or the people trying to find your information.

Find out what Google has collected about your website pages and is presenting in search results by typing the following into the search field (replace "" with your website domain name):


Search Site

Google will display search results for every page it has indexed, of the website name you entered. Note the titles and descriptions, are these a compelling invitation for someone to click that result and come to visit you? If not, then you may have to change the way you are providing (or not) information on your website pages.

I’ll explain more about how you can change the results Google is presenting in a future post.

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