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If your including a bibliography in your book and would like some assistance in formatting the entries, I've found the EasyBib website very useful. You can use it for free or if you'd like to keep a record and manage your entries online, they offer a $5/mth fee-based service.

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I used to write my books out on paper and then type them up; now I can compose directly on the computer. The thing I have noticed though, is how useful it is to print out the manuscript and review it on paper. It provides a different way to read the material and allows you to view it in a new light.

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I've been reading Dear Writer, a book by Carmel Bird, while writing my current project, The First 5 Years. Bird's book is excellent and if you are writing, then get yourself a copy.

I liked how she cautions about writing down the various thoughts one has about a topic, as if that is the story. It's okay to have thoughts about how you will begin a chapter, for example, but then you must take the thoughts and craft them into writing.

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