Public Speaking: Beyond Fear, a book by Stephen Outram

Public Speaking: Beyond Fear

A book designed for people who experience difficulty with public speaking and performance, that will also benefit people who think they have it all handled.

The ideas, concepts and tools contained in this book may catapult you to levels of freedom and ease with public speaking that you’ve never had before.

  • Begin functioning beyond normal
  • Discover why anxiety is your best friend
  • The weird, hidden issues that you can change
  • The Art of Public Speaking explained
  • Understanding Fight-Flight and working with your body
  • Why amateur speakers never get paid.

What if your journey with public speaking was really an adventure unfolding before you with each new choice you make?

Reviews & Comments

"After reading this book I gained an in-depth and clearer understanding about delivering speeches. As a teacher I communicate concepts and ideas, deliver instructions, present explanations and explore possibilities on a daily basis. Concepts presented by Stephen have made me question how I use language, and has made me explore new ways how to present and check for understanding."—Simone Phillips, Teacher

Public Speaking: Beyond Fear
A book by Stephen Outram
With Foreword by Simone Phillips, Teacher (Languages), Dip Ed.